Jameson OB/GYN Care

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Jameson OB/GYN Care is a specialty care clinic providing prenatal/obstetrics and gynecology services for patients with a wide variety of medical insurances. As the outpatient extension of inpatient care of The Maternity & Gynecological Care Center at Jameson Hospital, the same leading quality, compassionate service and top-rated patient satisfaction are experienced at Jameson OB/GYN Care.

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Jameson Hospital North Campus
1211 Wilmington Avenue
First Floor, across from Surgical Department entrance
New Castle, PA 16105

Madeline Melidona, RN, Patient Care Manager
Jameson OB/GYN Care
The Maternity & Gynecology Care Center at Jameson Hospital 

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JHS Obstetrics & Gynecology

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